New Year – New Beginning

Hey Everyone!!!

So here goes my latest little project… Not sure how to start to be honest but just thought I would jump into things and start 2015 with a fresh new angle to my business. I was recently given a slight shock when Facebook decided to delete my account after some internal craziness and it make me think I definitely need to be more active – When I came back I was pleasantly surprised that I had so much love and loyalty as a business and it most definitely wasn’t all about the social media hype – I had genuine clients and followers. (Awww moment)… So this is all really new to me and I just hope I give my followers something interesting to read as well as some of my very own tips, tricks and product listings as well as my tutorials which you can find on YouTube. There is so much more I have planned for you all so just keep showing me your support and giving me tips on how to blog because at the moment I am just waffling!

Look forward to all your love, support and advice.

Thank you for visiting my little blog,

Lots of Love, Aliyah – Al Bidaya x x x


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