Huda Beauty Lashes, To buy or not to buy?


One of the biggest trends of 2014 – Huda Kattan, Beauty blogger’s lashes hit the market and well and truly blew up the social media scene! From Instagram to Twitter, From Sephora in Dubai Mall to the UK… These lashes are most definitely the talk of the nation. Who isn’t talking about ‘Huda Lashes’?

The most asked question regarding the lashes is; ‘Are they a hype…? Is it worth it? Or are people going crazy JUST because its Huda?’

I first purchased Huda’s lashes when I visited Dubai in March, I was really intrigued as they have a very unique look to them in comparison to the usual lashes I was used to having in my kit such as MAC, Salon System or Naturalash – To begin with the styles of lashes where all different from each other and were distinct – this is a really good quality to avoid confusion and almost wasting your money because you don’t want to buy 2 sets of the similar style, that would be pointless!

They are designed in such a clever way with the perfect amount of hair on each lash to create a natural and volumised look without being too heavy – the versatility comes into it when the lashes allow you to double stack – GENIUS! This means whether your wearing one pair or two, whilst still having a pretty and delicate look you can double them up for the Bridal or Evening party look to go with your perfect desired look.

When I first saw the lashes I will be honest, I was very sceptical about the thickness of the spine purely because I am used to really thin spines and have my lashes custom made with thread instead of plastic spines and I have always loved a thin spin – The first thing I thought when I saw them was YIKES!!! Ok so don’t knock it til you tried it and all that… I tried the first ever set in #Claudia which you can see in the photo shoot above and I was so impressed, although they frightened me I was actually freaking out for absolutely no reason – they settle on the eye lid in seconds which I really didn’t think they would… This is an amazing invention to the lash world because you can look after these lashes and re-wear them again and again… that to me isn’t just a way to make your liner look fuller but also completely pocket friendly because it means your buying less pairs!

My advice would be to order a few of Huda’s fabulous lashes in different varieties and just keep swapping them over at each of your events, weddings and parties! Just look after them with minimal mascara and eye make up remover and you will be buzzing!

I have a fantastic shoot coming up and I plan to use her most popular pair #Samantha which I will double stack with #Candy to create extra volume and the natural looking flutter from #Samantha – Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook and Instagram for images and also YouTube for upcoming tutorial in which I will give you all a closer look at these beauties!

If you have used Huda’s lashes and have any comments please do join the review and share your experiences with us so we can get the perfect pairs for ourselves…

Thank you for reading lovelies, have a good night and enjoy watching the snow!! (excited face lol)

A ❤


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