The only way is N A R S


So after 5 years of being a Make up artist and spending almost everyday of those days trying out brand after brand to find the perfect products for my kit. I adore my kit its hugeee but the kit I love even more is my very own little bag of treasure, the one I use on my own face, that is where the real test lies! I’m really fussy with the products that go on my face not just because I want the product to have extra qualities such as the SPF level or the moisturising factor I believe all lipsticks should have.

So without further ado, I want to share with everyone why after all the lipsticks I own I cannot sing enough praises about the new lipstick collection which came our this Summer called the Audacious collection… and Wowzers was I amazed!

I picked up the colour ‘Michiyo’ as seen in the photo above, because I was wearing a nude coloured outfit at my cousin’s Mendhi (Henna) party and needed some colour – This was the most perfect bright pink with a hint of depth to really work with Asian skin tones. The pigment on this product is actually jaw dropping! Its soo heavily pigmented I was having to apply it with a brush and used only 2/3 strokes around both lips and it looked beautifully packed on. To create a barrier to avoid any bleeding of the pigment I used a base which was Smashbox lip liner in #Fuchsia which is the perfect partner for this shade of lippy.

As the day went on I ate and drank as usual and visited the Ladies expecting to have completely bare lips… I was absolutely amazed that I did NOT even need a top up, neither did I have any white gathers of product around the inside of my lips.

As if that was not enough to make me love this lipstick, I came home and still had perfect lips! Hah – Love this product and have introduced it to so many ladies and even Brides to be who will we wearing this fabulous brand on their Wedding day to ensure they are looking flawless all the way through their big day!

I now have so many of their colours especially for my beautiful brides – No creasing where an Al Bidaya Bride is concerned!

Let me know what you think of this product and do check out the more neutral colours too for your day and casual wear – I promise you will become a NarsAholic!

Goodnight ❤


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