My Day Face…


On a daily basis I am quite a plain Jane… Not only because of time but also because I personally don’t like being plastered everyday – It totes works for some people and they look stunning but not for me! I also wear hijab and abaya daily so to be full of makeup day to day would not work for my life choices – also my Mummys always told me you should look different at weddings lol – maybe an Asian mum thing??

So first things first is making sure your taking serious care of your skin, I say that while being lazy at times with my own skin lol – routine can have a big effect of your skin so as hard as it is for today’s woman try and keep a balanced routine – I will try too haha!

Secondly, People often ask me what I use on my face when Im just out and about so here it is…

1) Wash your face in the morning with a soft exfoliator – I use the best thing I have come across which I shall be sure to separately post about at a later date, Lush face and body exfoliator called Angels on Bare Skin, Follow Lush Stratford City for my review from last year which they posted on their page. This creates the perfect and flawless skin complexion for your makeup to sit in sync with rather than sit ontop of…

2) Moisturise as usual using the product best suited to your skin, Im a Nivea wearer!

3) Prime – Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – This will clear up your pores (only natural to have pours although we all would rather they disappeared yukkk), what this particular primer also does is reduces the redness on your face to help you wear less makeup which then means better skin!

4) Tinted Moisturiser – Nars, This is my daily bestie which I wish I found earlier! I was always a foundation wearer because coverage for me is a big thing… This product is the perfect consistency for daily use and also gives your skin room to breath where as some foundations just don’t due to their thickness. The colours are perfect for Asian girls and the coverage is brill too!

5) Conceal – MAC Concealer around the eyes to brighten my constantly tired eyes up

6) Brows – Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Thunder

7) Set – Set your face with a good quality powder, I use MAC pressed powder but also love their loose sheer so whichever you prefer is cool – I think all MAC powders are aws!

8) Blusher – My little gem from Dubai – Sephora Blush has gorgeous tiny little twinkly bits in again wakes my face up

9) Mascara, Something I wear only when Im in the mood – False Lashes by MAC

10) Lippy – I usually just Vaseline or MAC Snob/Angel whichever I find in my bag quicker ;p

Hope you get some inspiration from my day face and try some of these amaze products for yourself…!

Lots of Love… A x


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