The one, The only; Tom Ford


Hey girlies! It’s 12.30am but I had to do a quick post for you guys because I have been so busy and lost sorry!!!!

I am always mesmerised by the Tom Ford counter – Every product of theirs it’s sooo beautiful! From their fragrances to their cosmetics Mr Ford definitely has something special!

I purchased my first TF lippy a couple of years ago – The nude in the pic shade #BlushNudeIt’s soooo pretty and not too white as some nudes can be! The perfect hint of pink to look like a healthy lip rather than an anaemic one lol….!

The consistency had to be by far my favourite til date! It’s the most smoothest & moisturising stick I have used and it automatically makes you feel like you have healthier lips…! Love that about it πŸ™‚

The colours are very realistic to contrast with skin colours which I think is a big thing especially with Asian skin tones – All the shades are stunning in the stick but when applied they compliment skin tones so well and effortlessly you can really tell the TF team have out serious work into this product!

To say it is slightly on the dearer side near the MAC’s or Illa’s the colour sadly doesn’t last as long as I would like it to bohoo 😦 With it being so perfect in terms of colour & consistency I just feel like it should last longer however I’m just lazy with reapplication so ideally my Lippys would last all day lol slightly unrealistic I know! However I do still love this product because you can’t have everything! Some long wearing Lippys dry your lips out to the max & that looks yuk! So I’m all for the moister even if it means a couple of extra applications – To me as an artist who is all about products not just looking nice but treating your skin well it’s an amaze lippy & I do love the collection!

Finally!!! The packaging oh my gawwwwsh it’s just amaze balls… Literally some of the most beautiful packaging on makeup I have seen… It’s so beautiful for a gift too because it’s taking lipstick to a whole new level…

Hope this helps when your lippy shopping & do give me your feedback if you are a TF wearer!

Goodnight… A πŸ’•


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