Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour On Point

As a make up artist who speaks to all kinds of girls on a daily basis, the question on every ones mind is – Is ABH really worth all this hype her products are getting on social media – mostly Instagram

Well… its quite simple – YES!

I have tried quite a few different
products to contour as an artist you always need to play around and experiment with everything to be sure that your products are all working in sync with each other not just in terms of how they look but also their staying power… I love experimenting with cream contours but don’t really think most girls need them on a daily basis unless they are totally obsessed with the contour craze!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette comes in different colours, light to medium and medium to dark – so be sure to research into it a little before purchasing thinking there is only one.. it will make a huge difference to you if you get the wrong one.

A few problems I found when playing around with powder contours were either the brown powder was too ashy and would add too much darkness to the face which would completely change the colour of the foundation (yikes not good) or on the other hand they would just not apply evenly and in a nice flawless way due to either too much talc in the product & not enough pigment or just again the products not working in sync with each other, which some brands will do! This doesn’t only effect the final look of the contour and it also has very poor staying power.

There are the perfect 6 shades in one palette so you are definitely going to get enough product to last to a few years, whether you like a simple defined look or a heavier more structured face this palette will do everything! The colours are so perfect for all skin tones not too orange and not too brown, this creates such a fresh and healthy looking contour rather than the ashy and almost dirty look which some brown toned products leave. I also was pleased that the product does not oxidise throughout the day or change colour – if anything it just gets better and better by settling into your foundation and being a perfect base for your blusher.

Finally, the lighter colours are ideal for the contouring of the nose which should NOT be visible – yep this is happening way to much during the contour craze where girls are struggling to realise when to stop (lol) – Not their fault just lack of product knowledge I think… Try and avoid dark colours to contour the nose stick to a light tan shade and build if you need to rather than thinking a medium-dark brown will give a better finish, it will just create a harsh line you can’t get rid of

I used it yesterday night at my Seminar and the girls loved how little product you have to use to achieve such a flawless finish… Seminar post coming up very soon too guys sorry for the delay!

Hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any questions regarding this product message me below or leave a comment on my instagram

Goodnight & Sweet dreams ❤ A



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