Illamasqua Skin Base – Do we love it?


Illamasqua Skin Base

Do we love it?


This foundation is such a versatile product to own, not only does can you add a pea sized amount of product for an everyday work face but it is also perfect for building for evenings and functions… a buildable foundation is something that isn’t as widely available as you may think, you see problems from foundation building such as creasing, product randomly just disappearing off your face or general oxidisation of colour through the day – all something we should be looking to avoid with our base. Whether you have Asian or Caucasian skin they have enough colour pigments of either soft pinks or yellowy tones for each skin tone rather than the usual orange over tanned look.

The colours are sooo beautiful on Asian skin especially – which I think is genius because it this is one of the hardest things to do and I hear it so much from clients that they were miss sold base colours in department stores and now they have a useless bottle of foundation which doesn’t even work with their skin – annoying! I hear all sorts from its too grey to its too orange – This product has definitely got the colour shade on point and has such a nice variety of shades to choose from.

The coverage – is WOW… for such a beautifully light consistency it magically makes you flawless without feeling heavy and unable to crack a smile lol, again this is a very difficult thing to find in a foundation unless it is almost cake like which is just so unnecessary unless you’re working with photo shoots or theatrics.  Beautiful and long wearing coverage fab for your long working days or those wedding functions and those selfies!

I really like the design of the bottle too because unlike the glass bottles where your throwing away half your product because the cotton bud has stopped scraping it out of the corners its plastic and super easy to squeeze out.. yes guys – this does matter to me haha!

Finally… just be sure to be working it with the correct concealer and setting powder because I find not all brands work well together so do play around and be sure its all working in sync before nocking the foundation – application and procedure of make up is just as important as having a good make up bag. If your unsure just stick to all 3 from illa and you will be fine..!

Skin base is slightly more in cost than the other two (Light Liquid & Rich Liquid) however I think it deserves to be because its such a perfect mix of the two without being cakey at all which is completely unwanted by 99% of clients these days.

Hope you find your match and do tell me what you think of this beauty!

Aliyah x


2 thoughts on “Illamasqua Skin Base – Do we love it?

  1. Thanks so much for this review. Your feedback couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I am currently in the process of searching for a suitable foundation.

    I have used Mac Studio Fix for the last few years. I recently tried NARS and even though it felt nice on my skin, my skin tone looked too yellow as their colour range isn’t that extensive.

    I will definitely go and try this Illamasqua skin base and see how I get on.

    Loving your blogs. Thanks again xXx


    1. Awwww how lovely of you to say… Thankyou so much I need this continuous love to keep blogging it can become so long sometimes lol… Please keep reading & I hope I can keep helping you guys purchase the very best products. Aliyah x


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