Beauty-FULL blenders.. 


Beauty Blending…

I get asked this question a lot – Are the beauty blenders even good? I want one? Shall I bother?

Ok… so in all honestly, I asked myself the exact same questions and due to my job I had to have a go! I was confused to begin with because I had never really been much of a sponge user, I was obsessed with stippling brushes and buffer brushes and was dead set that there was nothing that would come close to my MAC stippling brush or my Everyday Minerals buffing brush – The speed that those things blended foundation with was amazing!

Once I got comfortable with my little pink sponges I was in a whole new make upping world – I felt like “Where have these been all my life”, very cool little invention which have honestly changed not just my clients faces but my own too.

I found that to begin with I was a little scared of the beauty blender because I found it eating away all my foundation eeek , I was probably just used to it being sat on my skin as supposed to blended in which the #BB does… so if this you don’t be scared, if anything foundation should never be sat on your skin and this is our own faults for getting comfortable wearing a mask lol..! The #BB blends the product right into your skin, this is such an amazing technique because your base does not create a new layer of skin, it almost just erases your natural blemishes and evens out the imperfections while blending into the nucks and crannies around your eyes and nose. I have ALWAYS had a major problem with creases under my eyes because I have been blessed with some serious froggy eyes haha and the concealer creases sooo easily – Iv hated this and always found myself rubbing my eyes in my mirror at traffic lights – embarrassing much!!! The beauty blender has helped reduce this by a heavy amount, because like I mentioned the products are not sat under my eyes now, they are blended into my natural skin creases and are therefore less prone to fudging together.

How to use your #BB

I have shown in the image, A dry #BB and a ready to use #BB – once you have drenched it under a tap you must ring out all the water and further towel/tissue dry it to make it very subtly damp, you will see an increase in the size of the sponge (Second sponge in the pic), Now you can either go straight in and dip it into your foundation (nothing too watery because I finds it just eats away the product, after all it is still a sponge), what I prefer to do is apply my base with either my fingers or a large buffing brush then go back into it using the #BB – you want to avoid rubbing or streaking it, rather use a dabbing motion using the round edge for the larger parts of your face ie cheeks and forehead, this will press the product right into your skin – not just creating a flawless, photo shopped based but it will also avoid any creasing throughout the day. The pointy edge of the blender is to tighter areas like your eyes and nose.

Once you have used your blender try and keep it washed and damp for a longer lifespan of the sponge as well as to avoid the sponge getting filled with product which will age and become a home for bacteria whilst also not working as well as it should. I am probably going to get kussed for saying this but I wash mine wish fairy liquid haha! Yep – all that foundation just slides away and the #BB is like brand new.

Just like your make up brushes try and store your sponges in a clean place and avoid contact with the floor, if your anything like me you sit on the floor with your legs crossed doing your makeup!

Hope this super long post has helped you a little with your Beauty Blender, just remember when learning to use new tools it does take time and can be annoying like I found with this product however it is so worth it! In all honestly it does add time onto your daily make up routine so I do ditch it some days when I’m in a rush so the choice is yours really – but for occasions, weddings and parties you should definitely use the #BB and if you’re a makeup artist you should own a few!

Happy Blending! A x x x


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