The God Send Product…


Why can’t I stop raving about this product?

Because I myself, swear by it.

I had been told to buy this product by a friend of mine a couple of years ago, I was at that time a foundation fiend so you can imagine I was very sceptical about changing from my daily studio fix mac mask – My friend also had amazing skin so I was like ‘Yeah whatever, the Nars looks amazing on you but won’t do anything for me’.

I then moved from MAC studio fix daily to Giorgio Armani’s Designer Lift – which I will blog soon!

It was actually as part of my birthday present my friend who at the time was working on Nars and was raving about their products I was first introduced to this (Thankyou Saher!!!) I thank her with all my heart for literally placing the tube of summer in my life – I call it the tube of summer because the smell is just sooo beautiful and fruity with botanic oils *drooools*… So as scared as I was about moving from a foundation to a tinted moisturiser – I took the plunge and wore it out!

Wow was I pleasantly surprised! I loved the colour it was so perfectly tanned rather than orangey or yellowy overload which can be a problem for some base colours. It’s a beautiful consistency which I think was my favourite part of the product – The perfect weight to make it a moisturiser but not too thin that you just feel like it’s a pointless layer on your face. Which let’s be honest is probably our biggest fear of tinted moisturisers. It has such a lovely coverage and is a perfect match with MAC’s prolong wear concealer which I wear it with – flawless coverage without foundation I honestly never thought I’d see the day!

It’s a long wearing beautiful product and it lasts the entire day without dissolving or oxidising. If anything it goes nicer as it settles into your skin.

I apply it with an ‘Everyday Minerals’ buffing brush which applies it nice and evenly and I literally use a pea sized amount of product and it covers my face. I apply concealer around my eyes and if I have any blemishes or marks, then I set with MAC’s pressed blotting powder and my daily base is done.

I honestly cannot rave about this product ENOUGH I adore it and don’t know how I was living without it for so long – My skin was semi problematic for around 3 years one and off problem areas around my lower cheek – chin area. I feel like it was due to wearing such a heavy layer of foundation daily and not allowing my skin to breath… definitely asking for trouble! As soon as I moved to Nars I literally watched my skin improve (Masha’Allah) and felt overwhelmed with being comfortable with my skin and happily leaving home without anything on. Skin is a huge thing for girls and if we can make small changes to help ourselves feel better and more comfortable with our skin then it’s a must!!!

Good luck with your skin girls and honestly you will not regret buying this product! Also my tube has lasted like 6 months and I use it around 3 – 4 times a week (other days I purposely stay bare) and yep it’s still got loads left in the tube.


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