Bobbi Brown Pro Concealer Palette

The Bobbi Brown pro concealer palette is something as an artist I can’t live without… I have other individual concealers which I use a lot for eyes, blemishes and sometimes contouring such as Illamasqua’s skin base lift or MAC’s Prolong Wear which is my personal fave for my face.

The BB palette is only worth buying if you are in the field where you see a variety of clients on a regular basis because it has literally every shade of concealer in one small compact palette which is also ideal if your mobile. It’s the easiest way to know your will never be short of concealer or not have the right colour. As a Bridal specialist that takes special care with the skin of each client as well as the eyes etc, the skin is KEY and to have a flawless base is probably more important than having immaculate eye make up because in all honestly your eye make up will not even last if your base is either rushed or you have used products in an inocorrect order or if your brands just don’t work together which can sometimes be the case, leading to maybe colour oxidisation or just caking of the product – it just will not work together.

I have found the BB concealer palette works really well with a lot of branded foundations and powders without going funny, I LOVE the variety of colours which make you very confident as an artist because concealer is something that should be spot on, it cannot be mis-matched especially around the eyes, my regular clients are of Asian race and a common skin character from the Asian ethnicity is dark under eyes – so if you have applied a confused shade of concealer or attempted to mix to get it right it just will not work and this will show quite obviously, not only to you but your client will be able to visually see something is not right, more often than not it will create a very unattractive and off-putting grey tone under the eyes because of a lack of time spent in colour correcting. The BB palette is brilliant for colour correcting as it has the perfect shades to do this also I could probably have done with a better yellowy shade but I guess you can’t have everything…

The coverage is beautiful and natural and can be built to create a heavier look for parties and weddings, the only thing I would ask BB to work on with their concealers is the oil level in the product is quite high which whilst creating a beautiful moisturised and natural finish which I love, can sometimes create creases a lot sooner than some other products. It’s not major I’m literally just nit picking now haha – I personally deal with this issue by applying a variety of blotting and setting powders from MAC and Ben Nye (Banana). It’s an expensive product so I’d advise new artists to play around with other products and brands before jumping into buying this because doing makeup is about finding yourself and your comfort in your own products and kit, this is just my advice.

Good Luck ladies and do work on colour correcting it’s something I see completely ignored these days – yikes! x


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