The WOW Brow

2015 has definitely been the year of brows! From HD to brow extensions, everyone’s after the Wow Brow! There are so many amazing tutorials on Instagram which make it look so easy but really it can seem so tedious when trying it on yourself. I personally don’t pluck my eyebrows so have always had very faint and scatty brows so I have been filling mine in for a couple of years now using Illamasqua’s Eye brow cake which is a fab product (Soon to be reviewed) – I then got onto the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow because its all the rage at the moment I had to try it, such a well-designed product which has had some serious thought put into it… the colours are fantastic because they complement hair tones perfectly without making your brows look so heavily black which can sometimes be caused when using eyeshadows. Either that or they look orange! Getting the right colour for yourself is massively important and literally is the only reason you should be using these brow products, if your using the wrong colour you might as well not bother because it will look really miss matched and also can look very ‘Try Hard’. I notice the brow craze is causing a lot of girls to get carried away which is also a major NO NO! You want neat looking defined brows, not marker drawn slugs – be careful..! Using the right products makes a massive difference and so does using the right AMOUNT of the product. The ABH dip brow is very heavily pigmented so you hardly need to pick any up on your brush, remember to build it up slowly rather than painting it on. You want to apply it with slow and light sketch – type motion this allows you to build it slowly until you are happy with it rather than pasting on a thick and harsh line. Brows literally define your entire face so do be careful and figure out the shape that suits your face not someone else’s. Remember make up is always about enhancing natural beauty not re-creating what you already have been blessed with.

I love using the Real Technique brow brush which I got in a set of 5 eye brushes it’s the perfect density and has a wide angled edge to help you get a neat finish rather than a staggered, messy one.

I like to keep brows quite natural and fluffy at the tips it creates a pretty ombre look as well as looking super natural and nice – blocky brows are just not IN anymore and can cause your face to look very harsh and just not nice. Avoid going too thick at the front of your brows because sometimes you just get into a habit of doing it without realising they are evolving lol and sometimes might outgrow your face – eek!

I use MAC’s Pro Long Wear concealer in NC15 (Very Light) just a dab under my brows to highlight and create that extra perfect finish – I don’t do this on a daily basis just on parties and events or on my clients. It’s not a must just a little extra tip.


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