From student to career woman; My student stories

When I started training as a make up artist, it was something that I never really gave a second thought – how do you teach people to apply makeup? The skills I have learnt have been a process of trial and error over a very tough 5 years, how will I teach that to people who are newbies? I was always too comfortable just being solo Bidaya and just getting on with doing brides. I had a few girls request I train them and the requests built up which at the time caught me by pleasant surprise.

I then started taking one to one students and it was like I had been teaching for ever, I loved showing girls how to Al Bidazzle and add their own style to my techniques to make it their own style for their own brand. I am now training on a regular basis and love it! I have been told by many that my courses are ‘too cheap’, which I am aware they are for the amount I teach, I like to be fair as a businesswoman and love that I am able to help women become confident and strong in the ability that they can achieve their dreams and become something for themselves with just some effort and patience.

I have some amazing students who make me soo proud, watching their achievements after spending some time with me makes my teaching so worthwhile and gives me a bigger buzz than money ever could. The process of learning with me to applying the techniques on real clients and successfully becoming career women is not easy – and to see girls have such strength to take on their dreams is beautiful. A few of my students have been blasting through party bookings which made me happy enough… 3 of them have just done their first bride within the last few weeks and they were absolutely stunning brides! Eeek… yep chuffed moment for me!

My training is so intense I will teach pretty much everything, due to only taking on a maximum of 4 girls per course the learning is at a higher standard and allows me to check your work brush stroke by brush stroke… once the course is complete it just requires you to keep practicing to make perfect and use your own initiative to start up your business after my business advice session which takes a lot of work and dedication. Don’t wait for work, chase it! And you will wake up one day where the work is chasing you… ❤


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