Smoothie Time πŸ“Β 


Still trying to recover from this yuk bug which is making me feel so exhausted, dizzy & headachey!! 

You can never have enough raw food in your diet & smoothies are an amazing way of quickly downing some goodness which can sometimes be boring on it’s own. 

I wish I had more time id be eating clean everyday! With this job you just have to eat what ever you can get hold of in between bookings to survive! McDonalds & Burger King are a usual Service station favorite haha! 

🍹 To make this smoothie: 🍹


7/10 raspberries πŸ‡

5 strawberries πŸ“

A splash of coconut water πŸ’§ 

2 teaspoons of raw, organic honey 🍯

1 tablespoon of my all time fave Onken tropical fruit yoghurt (blue tub) 

Sprinkle with pomegranate & enjoy! 



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