Zucchini Pasta 


I love that word!! Zucchini haha… But I’m English & it’s called courgette. 

Iv wanted to adopt some vegan dishes into my diet for some time now & it’s just taken me ages due to lack of time (as usual busy bee) 

 Today was my first attempt at replacing pasta with courgette strips & I was pleasently surprised! It will definitely take some getting used to just because it’s abit different but it’s really yummy! Super quick & you don’t feel yuk & lethargic afterwards 🙂 

I must admit I did cheat & add cream into my sauce because my fridge was empty today 🙈 (Sorry Vegans) but it’s a step in the right direction. I guess. Lol. 

Here’s how I did it… 

• Lightly fry 5 button mushrooms with salt & pepper 

• Add a chillie (optional) 

• Single cream (2 teaspoons) 

• Pinch of oregano 

• Stir fry the courgette strips until nicely warned through (be careful not to make then soggy by over cooking) 

• Place in a plate 

• Warm through some finely chopped red pepper with black pepper 

• Sprinkle over the top 

• Add olive oil & coriander for taste & to make it pretty




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