E I D 2 0 1 5 

Heyy! Salaam ladies.. Firstly I just want to say I hope you all had a fabulous Ramadan of nothing but closeness to Allah 🙂 & I pray Eid treated you just as beautiful with your loved ones and lots of food! 

I don’t always make that much of an effort on Eid because I’m always so busy & focused on Ramadan.. Here is something I pretty much wipped up last minute… Details are as follows… 



Kurta (Shirt) – Je Roche (Manchester) | Insta – @jeroche.fashionhouse

Hijab – Al Hayaa | Insta – @alhayaadesignermodesty  
Clutch – Gucci – Soho Range – My most fave range by Gucci until date.. I just think this brand is such a timeless classic.. Forever stunning! 

Shoes – Christian Louboutin – So Kate in 120’s which are perfect for small kids like me 🙂 

Because I am never without my Abaya 💕 — This particular one is beautiful was a gift from Saudi, has the most stunning fabric that just flows naturally! 


2 thoughts on “E I D 2 0 1 5 

  1. Love your work, and unrelated to the post but earlier on social media you said you’d put up a review of the Mac correct and conceal (Orange) concealer. Would love it if you could put it up and how to use it if it does work. Thanks!


    1. Hey sweetie! Guilty 😦 I decided to delay the post cause it’s about difficult to type – I wanted to add a tutorial for it in my next YouTube video so hope you will benefit from watching that!!! 🙂


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