The Bridal Diaries | Saira 

The beautiful Saira had 2 completely different looks on each day & she was glowing on all 3 days… 
I loved this combination of ivory & red.. Complimented Saira’s skin so beautifully. 
We went for a fresh glowy look & soft twinkly eyes to stick with the theme of the Timeless Bridal look which I love for brides on this red day! Known as the ‘Bharaat’. 

I just L O V E D her Walima dress! The colours were stunning and pastel colours are taking the scene by storm at the moment! Complimented with the pop of navy blue.
I opted for a Soft curly side do to sit loosely around her face & ensuring it doesn’t overpower this stunning & delicate real gold set. 
Saira suited this fresh dolly look sooo much I just loved her eyes! 
Thankyou to the beautiful love for deciding on to be Al Bidazzled & choosing me for the most important days of her life


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