Eid x 

So I have been really bad with blogging at the moment.. I’m sure no one missed me too much lol. As you all probably know I have gone back into education… Eek! And am studying full time at the age of 25! Crazy shock to my system lol… Need lots of prayers to get through this year! 

Hope everyone had a beautiful Eid… 

Just a quick Eid outfit post – It was an Asian attire weekend because the events all took place in my house yey! 



Only random pics guys – Was wayy too busy to pose haha! 

This lawn outfit was by designer Zara Shahjahan who has a very unique approach to Pakistani fashion.. Love her brand! 

I purchased this dress from Aisha Naheed – A Rochdale based brand who again is amazing! Both can be followed on Instagram 🙂 
Day 2 – Second party of the weekend 🎉 


This was gifted to me by a dear friend on my birthday & for the first time in my life.. It fit like a glove! 

Shoes – Steve Madden 
Quick post to show you guys I’m still around lol.. I should post my studying shenanigans but you would all just laugh at me! 🙊🙊🙊 

Eid Mubarak again guys & don’t forget to pray for those beautiful souls that lost their lives during Hajj x  


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