Salmon Parcels 🐟 

Healthy eating is definitely the way forward and since I have adapted my diet to eat clean I feel miles better within myself… It really is a case of you are what you eat! I’m not super strict & still love junk but I really limit myself to eating fake & processed rubbish… Our body us a gift from God & He has entrusted us to take care of it… 

Today I mixed up this concoction last minute (as usual) with bits from my cupboards but I think its important to be an impulsive cook! Masterchef invention test haha… 

If you are a new cook Salmon is really good to start off… Easy & quick to cook as well as safe in case you undercook it. 

How to: 

Olive oil – As the base of the marinade 

Manuka honey – To taste & glaze 

Salt, Black Pepper


Red chillie flakes 

Lemon juice (to taste)

Encona hot pepper sauce 



Chillies & thin orange slices to infuse 
Close parcel of foil or parchment paper and steam or bake… I use the halogen oven for ease, 15-20 minutes 

And Woala… 

White & Sweet potatoes on the side, baked & seasoned with salt, paprika, honey & sesame seeds 
Enjoy! X 

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