Green Goodness 🍹

It’s always difficult adding greens into your diet especially when you come from an Asian family who only feed you greens when they cook the hell out of them lol… Oh yeah and drench them in oil, kinda not even classed as greens anymore! 

Eating greens is hard too if your busy in your lifestyle you can’t realistically prepare veg to include it into your diet… And doing it once doesn’t work although it might make you feel like your trying! 

With my busy lifestyle I find juicing & smoothies are the best way for me & help if your gyming too… 
Here is my green overload… 

1 tbs Manuka Honey

Alpro Coconut Milk

1/2 Avocado

Hand full frozen spinach leaves 

Hand full frozen berries – I use the frozen bags available at Tesco or Iceland 

Woala- Enjoy! X


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