NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

My faves from the super famous Nyx Cosmetics and my GOSH do I adore them! To the point I have even stopped using my other lippies that took me years to collect lol oops! 

Colour swatches are quite self explanatory – I would advise trying your lip cremescon your hand before buying them only because they look a shade darker on the plastic. 

Best to go into Boots in Arndale (MarketSt Manchester) & try them on rather than order online if your a first time buyer. 

Not only do I use these on clients I also wear them myself & they last ALL DAY! The pastels may need a top up after eating but the deep colours don’t. 

They also have a Suede collection which are AMAZE! My fave is ‘Tea & Cookies’ which is exactly the same colour as MAC Pink Plade. 

Ranging from only £5-6 & sometimes freebies with your Boots advantage points  you really can’t go wrong… 

^^ See how matte they are! 

Nyx is such an under rated brand & I actually love it the more I use it 😍 

Hope this helps you when shopping & enjoy your new faves! 
Aliyah x 

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