For The Love Of Steak… 

So I have had soo many messages about tonight’s Iftar on Snapchat that I had to post it super quick! 

I literally made this up on the spot with a little help from my fave Gordon Ramsey.. 

I buy my beef steaks from Tesco because they are so beautifully cut & cleaned up… And cook so quickly too 👏🏼 

Marinade the steaks in

– Meat Tenderiser (Sprinkle) 

– Olive Oil 

– Salt (Less than taste due to salty tenderiser) 

– Black Pepper 

– Ginger/Garlic Paste 

Leave to marinate minimum 2 hours 

Must be at room temperature 30 minutes before cooking 

Heat a frying pan with a very small ammount of olive oil 

Sear steaks on both sides for approx 1-2 minutes per side 

Keep swapping sides until its a browny bbq colour 

Add garlic gloves (Crushed) & Butter 

Continue to keep turning it until you are happy with the level of cooking, here I kept it medium rare & it was super juicy & soft! 

Don’t be scared if you find its too rare, cut into thick slices & keep cooking it just be sure not to overcook & end up with a chewy steak. 

Leave to rest 5 minutes before cutting & serving… Add rosemary sprigs whilst it sits. 

– Make your sides & ENJOY! 

I made home made chunky chips & Fried honey holumi & creamy mushroom sauce… 

Aliyah x  


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