Chicken Manchurian & Egg Fried Rice 

I love Manchurian & love Egg fried rice even more! So i totally made this up and it came out nice 🙂 


Boil rice in a medium pan, Measure 1cup rice to 2 parts water 

Add: Salt, Black pepper, mixed veg, soy sauce & a small bit of Encona chillie sauce 

Allow to cook while you make your omlette for the rice… 

•Scramble about 4 eggs (for 4 people) add salt & black pepper… Once scrambled add spring onions chopped thinly. 

•Marinade boneless chicken in: 

Corn flour 


Black pepper 

• Seperate pan – 

Saute onions (not too dark) 

Add salt, black pepper, 1tssoy sauce, 1ts chillie sauce, mixed veg – I used a stir fry pack ready cut, stir fry it all together for no more than 5-7 minutes ensuring its still half raw. 

Add water & chicken stock cube

Add your chicken

Let ot cook on a medium heat while it thickens & add corn flour paste if you need to thicken it! 

Garnish with green chillies, sliced ginger & corriander 
Enjoy! X


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