Vietnamese King Prawn Rolls 

Easy. Fresh. Delish. 


Rice paper

King prawns – peeled & cooked 

Glass noodles/vermicelli 

Cucumber strips 

Carrot strips 


•Combine the seasoning with the prawns – salt, black pepper, soy sauce, lime juice & a hint of chinese 5 spice 

•Soak rice paper sheets for 2 seconds each in warm water

•Add 3/4 prawns in a row down the middle of the rice paper 

•Place 1 julien cucumber & 1 julien carrot on top

•A small bunch of the cooked & cold noodles 

•Sprinkle mint & coriander leaves

•Tightly roll up & secure edges with water 

Allow to rest & enjoy! 

Serve with sweet chillie or peanut sauce 😋😋😋😋 


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