Hijaabi on Hair Care

Happy Thursday Y’all..!!

So I am back to creating content after a good couple of years being off..

Around 2 weeks ago, I shared the Vatika Naturals Black Seed Shampoo & Hair Mask on my Instagram story, and you guys were sooo interested in my feedback on this product.



After a few uses I can now give you my up to date thoughts on it.

So the colour of the product itself is a dark grey shade which is a little annoying, because I had to physically wash it off my bath tub and shower curtain haha… Apaaaart from that, it smells so delicate.

Initially, it didn’t feel all that nice to apply. very cheap once in your hair and a little chewingummy, I had a bad feeling once I’d applied it, almost like those pound shop shampoos but with a higher price tag. I then lathered my hair with the hair mask, which you are supposed to leave in for 10/15 minutes in a towel and do something with your life for those 15 minutes before washing it off, but… lets be honest, ain’t nobody got time foh dat!! So me being me, washed it off after approx 6 minutes (that is some good patience coming from me), and my HAIR felt AMAZING!!!!! I could just feel my fingers sliding through my hair with minimal knotting and no chewing gum feeling which most coloured hair has once it has been wet.

I haven’t used it for long enough to see any long lasting change in my hair however the way it feels is incredible, so soft from wash to wash it is absolutely beautiful… I actually stroke my hair like a wierdo haha…  I prefer the mask to the shampoo again just because it feels a little gross when you first apply it, but that might not even mean anything and I could just be doing over time.


I would definitely recommend the hair mask, it isn’t cheap but it is soo worth it!


Let me know what you think girls, and if I should actually spend those 15 minutes with it in 😉




Buy yours now from the link below or stroll on over to your local Worldwide Cash & Carry that is where I got mine ;p







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