Honey & Mustard Chicken 

Hey.. Salaam 🙂 

So now that its Ramadan yeyy I can blog some recipes for you! I find that many people request the recipes of my cooking & because I just can’t reply individually its just easier for me to post it… 

Anyhoo here is a fresh twist on chicken which is super easy & has such a unique taste so really good if you’re bored of your usual marinade 

Start by par-boiling potatoe wedges & drizzle with olive oil & your chosen seasoning – Salt & Pepper is a must! 

Chop your chicken breast into small chunks & make your sause: 

1tbs Dejon Mustard 

1tbs Grain Mustard 

1tbs Lemon Juice 


2tbs Honey 

1 tsp Garlic/Ginger Paste 

Olive Oil 

Mix mix mix 

Pour onto your chicken & ovan bake until chicken is cooked… And enjoy!! 
Don’t forget your Rosemary ontop 🙂 

I made a rocket, avocado & boiled egg salad to go with it x


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