Hijaabi on Hair Care, Part 2

It’s Tuesdayyy and snowing like crazy outside, ahhh…beautiful. Gotta love a snow day!

Second hair related post of the week, by chance.

I think it is vital for women who cover their hair to be EXTRA with hair care, especially if they colour it. We still adore the idea of having our hair did and looking fleeky underneath, however I have come to feel that after wearing a hijaab for 9 years (Alhamdullila), our hair does lack sunlight and Vit – D. Saying that, majority of women in the UK especially end up with dry, dehydrated hair due to the constant chill in the weather and the excessive use of heat products and even central heating, all ingredients for bad hair!

As well as using the right hair products; shampoo and conditioner which promotes moisture and nourishment in the hair, we MUST regularly oil our hair. I always HATED  putting oil in my hair, because of the usual… it stinks, it messes up my pillow, my bed sheets stink and it takes about 78 washes to fully come out of your hair. Is it really worth it? hmm…

Asian oils I avoid, due to the above. I then saw my friend Uzma (Hijab Stylist) reviewing a particular oil in her snap vlogs, and I believe her reviews because I know she is an honest blogger. Still a little skeptical, I asked her about it and she highly recommended it to me. I had spent months feeling really upset about my hair and even began receding so I was FREAKING OUT, genuinely so upset.

I trusted Uzma, and ordered my SNI Hair Oil, which I purchased from @NH_AsianWear (Instagram), and started using it – I still wasn’t very hopeful.


Ok, so, it smelt nice! Not like those asiany oils which are soo thick and slimey eww, a light consistency and a fresh smell. I started using this product before I’d wash my hair, so leaving it in for at-least a full day and a night if I knew I was home.

a few weeks went by and I didn’t see much result, but a couple of my friends had said it was amazing, so I persevered and kept using it, you know what they say; you only know if something works if you use it for 3 months and all that!

Low and behold, subhan’Allah… I genuinely could not believe baby hairs were starting to grow in my lighter patches, I almost didn’t want to believe it because I was so upset about it already that I was like ‘No Way, this can’t be happening’!

Yep, it was happening and still is… masha’Allah absolutely love it and will probably keep using it… no mess on my pillow and really easy to wash out. It really is a revolutionary product. I really love that it is natural too I try to avoid anything too chemically especially whilst being young.

Read more about this oil on their website,



Hope you love it as much as I do…


Al Bidaya x


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